A 15Five report says a third of employees will be happy to hear about their boss firing. At the same time, 75% of executives are willing to admit their mistakes. This makes us take a fresh look at a common question: is it worth quitting your job because of problems with a bad boss? Let's take a look at five types of difficult managers and discover how to get along with them.

1. The boss is not the most outstanding leader

Not every boss is a great leader. If an authoritarian person is at the helm, this can lead to problems: work calls on weekends, various prohibitions and humiliations, loss of self-confidence. No one should put up with a management style that undermines self-confidence, so consider changing your job.

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2. The boss is disrespectful

If a toxic person is involved in management, who does not value efforts, finds flaws everywhere, and depreciates the opinion of employees, it is worth thinking about changing your job. If the boss ignores the strengths of the subordinates, they are likely to lose interest at work. If the leader is focused on mistakes and not achievements, it is worth looking for someone who will respect you.

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3. The boss is sexist, racist, or homophobic

There is absolutely no excuse for management to be less than accepting of all genders, races, and sexual orientations. You should talk to your boss and explain how unacceptable this is to offend others. If it leads to an offensive conversation, take your documents, and quit. No one is obliged to endure neglect.

4. The boss is ruining your career

Problems with the boss can arise from a lack of career growth. Perhaps he/she promised a promotion or pay raise, which never happened, so you decided to leave. You should not rush with leaving your job, exposing yourself to the risk of being unemployed. Demonstrate dedication, and your boss will appreciate it. At the same time, you can send out your resume and go to job interviews with other companies, where you can quickly move up the career ladder.

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5. The boss has unrealistic expectations

An overly demanding leader can make you want to change your job as soon as possible. But do not lose your head. After all, there is a possibility that he/she can teach you much more than any other leader.

Even if this person seems very tough, he/she can suddenly provide support by giving you a job when you’re in the eighth month of pregnancy or offering you a new position with the prospect of training. Ultimately, a demanding boss can be the best mentor.