In this article, you'll learn why you don't need to download productivity apps, how to get more done in less time, and why routine is good. Plus, you will learn what to do when productivity tips don't help.

1. Get rid of productivity killers

Looking at pop-up notifications every minute, checking your mail regularly, surfing the Internet – all this kills your productivity. By opening your work email right after waking up, you immediately load your brain with tasks and thoughts about work, creating the illusion of being busy. But in fact, you have not done anything yet, but have already exhausted your brain.

2. Make the most of your morning hours

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, morning is the most important time for all people. That is why you shouldn't go online early in the morning, and it is better to postpone watching YouTube videos and scrolling the feed until the afternoon. Make morning the foundation of your day. Plan your day so that you have plenty of time in the morning for a pleasant routine that will help you recharge your internal batteries.

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3. Break large tasks down into smaller pieces

Do not set yourself big goals because they are harder and scarier to approach. Better break them down into smaller tasks.

4. Prioritize wisely

As you sit down to work, ask yourself what are the most critical tasks for you and your job, and do not move on to other tasks until you do these.

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5. Set yourself deadlines you'll stick to

Set a deadline for each task and control the time. You will find that many things can be done much faster.

6. Try the Pomodoro Technique

The most famous time management technique, the Pomodoro Technique, is also the most effective one. The classic model is based on 25-minute deep work intervals and 5-minute rest breaks. You can try other ratios: an hour of work and 15 minutes of rest, 2 hours of work and 30 minutes of rest, etc.