We have already told you how to answer questions during a job interview and what to ask an employer about before accepting the job offer. Now, we decided to tell you what things you better not say during an interview.

We do not urge you to lie to the potential employer during the interview: the truth will sooner or later be revealed, and your reputation will be damaged. We recommend that you omit some of the details of your career path and personal life that could harm your image of the ideal candidate for the position.

1. One-day jobs

People sometimes quit a new job within a week or two after being hired. For example, because reality did not coincide with expectations or they did not like the team. It is better not to mention such "experience" during job interviews and in your resume, as this might seem suspicious. But we are not talking about two-week internships or a month-long internship – these things are certainly the ones you should tell your employer about.

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2. Conflicts you've faced at your previous job

As bad as your relationship with your previous boss was, don't tell the recruiter about it. The topic of the relationship with the manager is something that you need to keep quiet about in a job interview. The future boss may think that later you will speak as badly about them as well. And in general, gossiping about a former boss is unprofessional and ugly.

3. Personal information not relevant to the job

We hope that soon all recruiters on Earth will stop asking inappropriate questions about marital status and personal life, but for now, there is a chance of getting an interview with one of these. Remember that you have the right not to tell the recruiter why you are not married, and even more so about plans to have children.

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4. Problems, loans, psychological complexes

Do not try to pity the recruiter at the interview with stories about having five loans and ten children to feed. This will not help you get a job or increase your salary. Such conversations will only cause confusion, not compassion.