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In March 1886 in Atlanta, Colonel John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist by training, was trying to find a cure for a headache. For that purpose, he cooked an unusual caramel-colored syrup, the main ingredient of which was a decoction of coca leaves. Later, carbonated water was added to the drink.

Around the same time, the drink was named "Coca-Cola." The name and original font were invented by Frank Robinson, a friend and partner of John Pemberton.

After Pemberton's death, prosperous businessman Asa Candler purchased the Coca-Cola recipe from his widow for $2,300. Then Candler placed the drink in a metal pan, in which he cooked the syrup along with his own patented Botanic Blood Balm.

For the next ten years, Coca-Cola became entrenched in the name of "healing drink." And on January 31, 1893, the Coca-Cola trademark was officially registered in the United States.