You don't have to exercise hard to burn those extra calories. It is enough to simply boost your metabolism, the process responsible for the absorption and processing of food.


Hot food is more easily digested. Do not wait for it to cool down, and run from the yard to the table as soon as your grandmother calls. Avoid starchy foods (rice, fresh bread, pasta, chips, and starched tablecloths). Starch lowers your metabolic rate. Instead of eating an additional meal, ask for hot spices – they will help the food to digest faster.


After chili, a fire will inevitably start in your mouth, so extinguish it with a glass of water. With a lack of fluid in the body, it is more difficult for the liver to eliminate toxins, so it does not have the energy to process fats.

Handy Tips: How to Measure Your Heart Rate on iPhone
You don’t necessarily need an Apple Watch or external monitor to measure you heart rate when needed. Today, we will tell you how to measure your heart rate solely thanks to your smartphone.


If your girlfriend's bedroom is full of indoor plants, often stay overnight with her using any excuses. For example, you can yawn and tell her that you are terribly sleepy. The house flora that grows in flower pots gives off enough pure oxygen, which is enough to spur your metabolism. At home, sleep with the window open. Maybe the hooligans will throw a pot of geraniums into your room.