Henceforth, you will think twice before laughing at a ballerina who slipped on a banana peel and fell face down into the cake.

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This time, scientists at University College London have ruled that a bad sense of humor is one of the first signs of impending dementia. But let's agree on what counts as a good sense of humor in the first place.

Well, for example, some Woody Allen comedy movies or articles that the Internet Protocol team is crafting are good humor. But the primitive humor includes laughing at natural phenomena of the following order: farting, slipping on a banana peel, the repertoire of most clowns, and the scripts of most comedy TV shows on federal channels.

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Dr. Camilla Clark, the main initiator of the study, argues that family members in which people with dementia live called a significant decline of their sense of humor one of the first symptoms of the disease. Moreover, it worsened on average nine years before the final diagnosis is made.

A bad sense of humor can be a very convincing symptom of an incipient dementia. After all, humor affects such diverse areas of brain activity as problem-solving, the formation of emotions, and social adaptation. Therefore, if these areas of brain activity are dulled, humor dulls along with them.

So next time you want to laugh at people laughing at rubber farting poop, treat them with sympathy. The people, not the farting poop. These do not need indulgence.