Increased media attention and world-wide popularity inflate the celebrities’ sense of self-importance exponentially and to the cosmic scale. As a result of that, stars imagine themselves to be gurus of all spheres of life and give advice on the most intimate topics, and such pieces of advice are rarely distinguished by adequacy.

Eva Longoria

The most desperate housewife and the wet dream of all men shocked journalists with her answer to the banal question, “What do you treat your girlfriends with on their birthdays?” Without being in the least bit embarrassed, Eva replied that she prefers to give vibrators to her friends as gifts whenever there is or isn’t a reason for that. The celebrity believes that orgasm is the best gift and encourages everyone to follow her example. Eve’s fans interpreted her strong statement as a call to action. After that, both actress’s house and office became littered with parcels with vibrators, and there were so many of them that Longoria could open a small sex shop in her garage. Well, at the same time, Eva’s friends were provided with gifts for at least 5 upcoming years.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress shared with her fans some tricks of seducing men and improving the quality of their sex life. Recommendations do have the right to exist in an ordinary person’s life, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Gwyneth advises pampering one’s man with pleasant trinkets, and oneself – with devices from sex shops. It might seem like a universal truth, but as the star provided an example from life, it turned out that by pleasant trinkets, she meant a custom-made carpet with a portrait of your crush, and a device from a sex shop is a 24-carat gold Lelo vibrator for $15,000. It seems like the actress does not quite correctly imagine the welfare of ordinary people.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina, an exemplary mother, was not always like that. Fifteen years ago, the main bad girl of Hollywood opened up so much so that her fans still cannot forget it. During her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton, the actress urged everyone not to disdain the thrill of sex and sharp feelings. And those feelings should be “sharp” indeed – Jolie advised taking knives to bed. According to the star, shallow cuts and licking partner’s blood can brighten up even the most boring family evening.

Jane Fonda

Usually, people are not eager to find out the details of older people’s intimate life, but Jane Fonda swooped into this category and now sets her own rules. She is one of the most significant sex symbols in the world. The celebrity actively promotes sex in old age and shares tips on how to perform the most difficult Kamasutra sex positions even if you have a sharp back pain that shoots down through the buttocks like New Year’s Eve fireworks. According to the star, the best solution to this problem is endoprosthetics – a knee joint replacement.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas did not advise anyone to have sex in a heron pose – he only shared the secret of his diet. The media could not pass by. Cage believes that the most acceptable diet for keeping fit and overall healthy is eating vegetables and meat from animals who have proper sex. According to Nicolas, fish and poultry have proper sex, while pigs do this in a dirty and inappropriate manner; therefore, the celebrity does not recommend eating pork. Where Nicolas peeped on proper sex of salmon and geese remains a mystery.