Numerous privacy issues and billions of users complaints might be heard by Mark Zuckerberg.

The in-vogue social media – Instagram launches new function to fetch out fake content on the platform.

If you consider some page content suspicious and want it to be verified, you can report about it to Instagram. The Third-Party Fact-Checking Program (3PFC) from Facebook will filter publications and clear the platform from the disinformation. The group of verified signatories from International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) are engaged to investigate issues.

The Instagram spokesperson, Stephanie Otway, explained that photo- and video- posts which were marked as false won’t be deleted at once. The team of fact-checkers will downplay their hashtags for promotion and explore them.

What should users do to inform about inappropriate posts? There will be a flag in the upper right corner of the page with “false information” and “it’s inappropriate” notes. The expert team will learn the opinion and give it a go. The function is currently working in the US and over a couple of weeks will be active for Instagram subscribers in other countries.