You have probably already heard of a FaceApp application, or at least you have noticed some photos of your aged friends and acquaintances in your newsfeed here and there. How can one resist and not take a look at themselves in their middle 50s or 60s? One can either look hot or not, no middle way.

Classically, everything is not as harmless and simple as it seems. You do remember that raucous Getcontact app, didn’t you? Crowds of social media users started massively posting screenshots from the app. The whole point of Getcontact is that it lets you see how different people call you in their list of contacts. However, to see it, you first need to allow the app to access your contacts list. That is why entirely justifiable doubts as to this app’s safety arise.

Anyway, let’s get back to FaceApp. Its developers work in a Russian company, which means zero data security. Furthermore, the privacy policy does not meet the GDPR standards. Now you know that all photos of a 'young' you are uploaded to the company’s server and can be used for commercial purposes.

Such insecure applications are not new. New ones are developed at least twice a year, and they all work the same way.

In today’s world, where personal data is more valuable than money, one needs to think twice before installing another hype app.