Pavel Durov is obliged to launch TON blockchain project by the end of October. If you still don’t know who Pavel Durov is and what TON is, here is an answer: Pavel Durov is a Russian businessman, programmer, and a billionaire. He is a founder of the social network VKontakte (VK) and the cross-platform messenger Telegram, as well as other projects. Durov and his team are currently developing the Telegram Open Network (TON), a blockchain platform powered by Telegram and fuelled by the Gram cryptocurrency.

What does the future hold for investors? A pleasant surprise or a Halloween horror?
Little is known, even investors know as much as the general public. Some investors are extremely dissatisfied with the lack of information, while others feel that knowing Durov is enought because they have a trusting working relationship with him.

Only on the 24th of October Telegram officially announced about TON for the first time. The messenger’s team has arranged a competition among developers with the total prize fund of $200,000–400,000. The contestants have to develop smart-contract for a blockchain platform.
In general there are 15 internal staff from Telegram working on this project. Besides, Telegram has attracted an independent company TON Labs for the development. In this way, Telegram developers are not only by themselves.

At the beginning of the sales the price of Gram is forecasted to be between $2,5–3. The investment company Aton implies that the total supply of gram tokens “will initially be around 5 billion,” while the expected inflation rate is set at 2%, meaning that the total supply of grams will double to 10 billion in 35 years.

We can only wait, only time will tell.