Since November 22, Twitter terminates publishing of all the political agitation content on its platform. Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, didn't support this position.

"I am deeply convinced that free expression of opinion is an important factor in promoting progress and building more inclusive societies around the world."

Twitter decided to ban spreading of political ads on its platform around the world because of the absurdity of paying for questionable political statements. Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, who believes that private companies should not blockade the liberty of speech of politicians outlining the democratic order.

"Today is certainly a historic moment of social tension, and I see the important role of our company in defending freedom of speech."

During the conference call, Mr Zuckerberg stressed that his company is not concentrated on making money when posting political ads on the social network. At the same time, Facebook also does not check the veracity of the facts established by politicians in advertising campaigns. He believes it is right to increase the transparency of such messages:

"Will we block ads related to important policy issues such as climate change or women's empowerment? I think the best approach is to make these ads more transparent. Facebook ads are more transparent than anywhere else. Now on Facebook, you can check all the statistics for each running promo campaign - neither television nor the press does it, - Facebook CEO concluded.

Meanwhile, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey believes that "the coverage of political messages should be deserved, not bought." He emphasizes that many social movements have succeeded without any political promotion. He also added that advertising on the web is a forceful and effective means for commercial advertisers, carrying significant risks for politics:

"We are aware of being a small part of a much larger political advertising ecosystem. Some may argue that our actions today may be preferable to actual employees. But we have seen many social flows succeed without any political publicity. I believe that such an approach will only develop."