The Hong Kong Supreme Court imposed a ban for publishing and distribution of postings which contain or encourage violence. Online services like the LIHKG forum (Reddit analogue) and Telegram messenger fits under this law decision, being one of the most popular communication channels.

The court ruling provides legal responsibility for violence calls, riots, and vandalism on social media, especially during the anti-government protests, which don’t calm down for about five months.

In early October, the Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam objected to hide identities of protesters under masks what obstruct facial recognition systems. CEO also stressed that Hong Kong faces danger after violence during anti-government strikes. Lam's decision is the first legislative change in security since the 1967 mass protests.

Hong Kong is still suffering from the rebellious anti-government mood among citizens due to the presence of facial recognition systems on the streets. The demonstrators wear balaclavas, covering either the whole face or sometimes the nose and mouth, combining with hoods, masks, and dark glasses.