Microsoft announced on Thursday that it would bring the Defender antivirus software to both iOS and Android mobile devices. The new apps will be a part of the enterprise suite security platform developed by the company. The software for mobile platforms will be aimed at preventing phishing attacks and malware among employees who can accidentally reveal their sensitive data.

The full name of the software is Defender Advanced Thread Protection or Defender ATP. It is already available on Windows, and Microsoft announced the protection software for macOS earlier last year. The features it offers include post-breach detection, preventive protection, and automated investigation and response.

Microsoft is now at the development stage of apps for devices running both operating systems. Those apps will provide a “full command line experience” and antivirus prevention. There are no further details as to the functionality of the apps. However, the company is planning to preview them at the RSA Conference scheduled for next week.

Providing comprehensive protection across multiple platforms through a single solution and streamlined view is more important than ever. Next week at the RSA Conference, we’ll provide a preview of our investments in mobile threat defense with the work we’re doing to bring our solutions to Android and iOS.