WhatsApp Messenger, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), launched a chatbot with up-to-date and reliable information on the COVID-19 disease caused by the novel coronavirus, the WHO said in a statement.

To access the chatbot, users can click on the link that immediately opens a dialogue in WhatsApp or add the number of the World Health Organization (+41 79 893 18 92) to the contact list and then open the desired dialogue with this contact. To activate a conversation, you need to send any message to the chat. After that, the chatbot menu will appear in the conversation.

With the help of this service, users can get the latest data on the outbreak of COVID-2019 as well as find out all the necessary information on the novel coronavirus. Besides, the service debunks myths about the disease, suggests what measures should be taken so as not to become infected, features recommendations for travelers, and provides links to the latest news regarding the pandemic.

Currently, the chatbot is only available in English, but soon it will also be able to support Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

The introduced chatbot uses data that are also published on the WHO website itself. Its main task is to offer a more convenient information tool for those who often use WhatsApp and, at the same time, want to keep abreast of the current situation by having reliable information about COVID-19.