Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular messaging platforms, is testing a new feature that should help its 2 billion users distinguish truth from misinformation. Now, to help users check whether the information in the messenger is fake, WhatsApp will provide a built-in Internet search function in the app.

The function of the preliminary check for fake news was found in the latest beta version of the app for Android. Now, a search icon appears in the interface of the app next to forwarded messages. If you click on it, the content of the message will be checked in Google Search.

Fake news and misinformation are still a massive problem on the Internet, especially now during the quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic. At times like this, such issues became especially noticeable. Social networks and instant messengers are being actively used for spreading false facts and fake news. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies are joining the fight against the spread of misinformation on the Internet.

We also want to remind you that recently WhatsApp, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), has launched a chatbot with up-to-date and reliable information on the COVID-19 disease caused by the novel coronavirus.