Microsoft has announced new Microsoft 365 consumer subscriptions – Personal and Family – which will replace existing Microsoft Office 365 plans. Subscriptions will be available to users on April 21 for $6.99 (Personal) and $9.99 (Family) per month.

Microsoft plans to add innovations that will appear in the preliminary version of the product in the coming months: Family Safety app and new features in Microsoft Teams.

The Family Safety app for Android and iOS will allow members of the same family to share information about their location and manage screen time on multiple devices, including a PC and even the Xbox console. Family Safety provides the sharing of GPS data and will notify you when someone from your family leaves home, work, or school.

Currently, the company pays significant attention to the Microsoft Teams corporate platform, introducing new features that are now a part of Microsoft 365 home and family subscriptions. They are designed in a way that lets friends and family chat in a group chat or via video calls, as well as share photos and other content in one place. A preliminary version of the corporate messenger for Microsoft 365 will be available this summer.

Microsoft also adds many new features related to Office. Soon, any user will be able to access Microsoft Editor, a more advanced spell-checking tool than the functions built into standard office apps. It helps with grammar, punctuation, emphasizes repeated words in the text, and makes recommendations for improving the writing style.

PowerPoint has also introduced some exclusive features as a part of the Microsoft 365 subscription. Presenter Coach on the base of artificial intelligence helps users improve their oratory skills. The new feature detects when you speak too fast, slowly, monotonously or often use filler words, and offers options for improving your speech. Another feature is that Presenter Coach tracks the speaker's tone of voice and provides pieces of advice. All this aims to make presentations less boring.

The Money in Excel feature allows you to manage your finances and to simplify cost tracking in a spreadsheet editor. Users can link their bank accounts and cards to import transactions and current balance, as well as receive alerts about monthly expenses. Besides, Excel introduced new types of data, such as food, places, movies, and even Pokemon. They are taken from Wolfram Alpha and are exclusive to Microsoft 365 subscribers. Subscribers will receive premium templates, fonts, icons, images, and other exclusive content for Office applications.

Microsoft also introduced a new Monitor Password feature for the Edge browser that will notify users if their passwords are compromised. Also, Edge added vertical tabs and a smart copy function with support for full formatting.