The Durov brothers’ Telegram messenger has completed the third stage of the JavaScript contest for developers. Eleven works were revealed, which can already be tested on

The judges will select the best works after testing and identifying bugs, and the final version will go into further development. The prize fund for the third stage of the competition, which lasted from May 30 to June 20, is 50, 000 euros.

This stage's goal was to continue working on the web version of Telegram without using third-party user interface frameworks.

In addition to completing the tasks of the first two rounds, the participants were asked to implement a single-column interface for mobile devices that works in Chrome and Safari browsers, as well as a full emoji/sticker/GIF panel, which includes a search and a section with popular stickers.

Also, the participants were asked to implement voice messages recording. At the same time, the web application should support listening to audio files and watching videos without having to wait for them to download.

The final requirement for receiving the first prize was the development of a global and local chat search.

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The participants of the second stage of the Data Clustering Contest should develop an algorithm that will qualitatively rank the information. Winners will share a prize fund of $100,000.

The main criteria to define the winners are speed, size of the apps, and attention to detail.