In this article, we will tell you how the developers of the world's most popular search engine joke by creating the funniest hidden games and Easter eggs.

A huge number of Easter eggs and secret search queries are hidden in the popular search engine. At the same time, the company never announces them, expecting that the audience making 5.6 billion requests per day will find secrets themselves.

1. Search for “askew

Search for this word and… do not worry, you are not numb and drunk, this is just a joke from Google developers.

2. Search for “Bletchley Park

The legendary mansion in England was once the home of British cryptographers. Operation Ultra was also planned here to decipher the German Enigma machine.

3. Search for “Marquee HTML

Marquee is an HTML tag that makes a scrolling piece of text displayed either horizontally across or vertically down the webpage. You can see how it looks right in the search results.

4. Search for “breathing exercise

When you are very nervous, breathing exercises can help you calm down. One to two minutes of deep breaths and exhalations, and your heart rate will lower along with adrenaline level in the blood.

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5. Search for “Cha-Cha Slide

This is the famous viral song by DJ Casper, released in September 2000. After you type the song's name into the search, click on the purple microphone several times.

6. Search for “dreidel

The Jewish spinning top toy is commonly used during Hanukkah. By the way, the inscriptions on the Dreidel are different in Israel and the rest of the world. In Israel, it is written, "The miracle was here," and on Dreidels in other places – "The miracle was there." Using geolocation, Google took this feature into account.

7. Search for “spinner

Fidget spinners' popularity gradually faded away, and now they are gathering dust in drawers and on shelves. However, psychologists say that spinners can help people with OCD cope with stress.

8. Search for “Google Logo History

Google logo mini-museum. A small excursion into the history of the Internet.

9. Search for “kerning

Kerning is a typographic term for the distance between two characters in a set. Kerning is an integral part of any typeface, it can be either skillful or lousy. If you search for kerning on Google, it will divide all kerning words in the search result.