We've compiled a selection of critical skills to master in 2021. These skills will be useful to everyone, not just digital and IT specialists, because digitalization has already taken over the world.

1. Understanding the basics of cybersecurity

It seems that the words with the prefix "cyber" are something about the distant future, but in fact, "cyber" is now. Leading international companies such as Facebook and Google have recently paid multi-million-dollar fines for personal data breaches.

The main threat to information security is employees. Some leak data for the sake of money, others – because of stupidity. First, it is important to observe at least basic security principles: check flash drives, send suspicious emails to spam, do not download anything on dubious sites, do not follow links claiming that you have won a million dollars, etc.

2. Knowledge of internal communication tools

Communication tools include instant messengers, chats, and other communication systems. Such tools are needed to get the team acquainted with newcomers, resolve issues, announce information, exchange data, etc.

The problem is that different companies use different technologies, and it is crucial to be able to quickly master a new tool. If you’ve been offered a job and they told you that the team works with Slack, study the app yourself. Read the guides, explore the interface and capabilities of the tool.

3. Knowledge of task tracking tools

Another important tool to master in 2021 is the task tracker. This is a program for organizing work: tracking current and completed tasks, assigning tasks to responsible employees, exchanging information, etc.

Task trackers make life easier for everyone. The manager can see which of the tasks each employee is working on and monitor their progress, and employees do not need to search for data in dozens of work sources – everything can be found in one place.