Instagram has expanded its Channels feature, allowing all users worldwide to create broadcast channels on the social media platform. Previously, only selected users had the ability to create channels.

The company initially launched the Channels feature in February, enabling creators to share one-to-many messages with their fans. In May, Instagram introduced support for collaborators on Instagram Channels, with Zuckerberg engaging in a chat with Adam Mosseri on his own channel.

Users can find suggested channels in the Direct Message (DM) section of Instagram and search for broadcast channels within the same section. Instagram uses user interests, interactions with creators, and activity on the platform to suggest relevant channels.

Meta is currently testing question prompts for followers, as well as a dedicated channels tab in the inbox. The company is also experimenting with tools for creators, such as setting an expiration date and time for channels, adding moderators to help manage members, and sharing links or previews to Stories.

Meta Introduced Telegram-Like Channels on Instagram
According to Zuckerberg, creators can keep their followers posted using text, photo, video, voice notes, and polls. For now, only creators can send messages, while followers can emoji react to content and vote in polls.

With the global availability of broadcast channels on Instagram, creators now have an enhanced means of establishing a deeper connection with their followers. This expansion empowers millions of creators worldwide to engage with their audience on a larger scale. By leveraging broadcast channels, creators can share various forms of content and receive feedback through reactions and polls.