Google is introducing a range of new features to transform Google Chat into a full-fledged messenger. Users can now edit and delete messages, quote other users in group chats, and hide old conversations. These features bring Google Chat more in line with popular messaging apps like Telegram.

These features are now accessible to all Google Chat users, requiring a simple update of the app on smartphones or computers. Google has plans to expand the functionality even further in the coming weeks, including read receipts for group chats and the ability to add hyperlinks to messages, though the latter will only be available on the web version and Android devices.

Gmail AI Can Now Help You Write Emails on Your Phone
For users who are short on time and need assistance in writing a complete email, they can provide a prompt, and the AI algorithm will generate a detailed message based on that prompt.

With these updates, Google is enhancing the capabilities of Google Chat, making it more competitive in the messaging app market. The new features offer users greater flexibility and convenience in their conversations.