Enhancing the mobile browsing experience, Google Chrome is rolling out four new features aimed at simplifying and accelerating search on smartphones.

1. Smart Search Suggestions

Navigating the Chrome browser on iOS and Android has become more intuitive with relevant search suggestions now displayed when clicking on the address bar. For instance, if you’re reading about Japan for an upcoming trip, tapping the address bar will reveal a new section titled "Related to this page" with search prompts such as local eateries or tourist attractions in Japan.

2. Trending Search Topics

Chrome users on Android can now observe popular Google search queries directly within the address bar. Upon opening a new tab, tapping the address bar and scrolling down will unveil trending searches. This feature will also be available for Chrome on iOS later in the year.

Google Is Changing Chrome Logo for the First Time Since 2014
On February 4, Google Chrome designer Elvin Hu shared the news in a Twitter thread about the upcoming changes of the browser’s logo as well as the thought process that went into the recent redesign. This will be the first Chrome logo update in 8 years since 2014.

3. Enhanced Touch to Search

Initially introduced for Android users, Touch to Search is now more versatile. When users highlight a word or phrase on a webpage and activate Touch to Search, a carousel of associated search queries will appear. This streamlined feature facilitates finding additional information on the selected topic.

4. Expanded Search Suggestions

To expedite searches, Google has increased the number of displayed suggestions from six to ten when typing in the Chrome address bar on mobile. The suggestions, ranked by relevance, can be accessed by scrolling. While already available on Android, this enhancement has now extended to iOS users.

Google Will Alert Users If It Finds Their Personal Data Online
Last year, the company launched the “Results about you” tool, allowing users to easily request the removal of search results containing their phone numbers, home addresses, or email addresses.

The updates are gradually rolling out and will be accessible to all users in the coming days.