Google has introduced another unique top-level domain: .meme. Memes, those beloved icons of internet humor and expression, now have a dedicated virtual space to call home.

This newly launched .meme domain is already making waves, with several partners and even some cat-themed websites hopping on board. Notable early adopters include Know Your Meme, the go-to source for tracking internet trends and memes.

Another standout partner is 10PM Curfew, a leading platform in the realm of female lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and fashion. Their and sites are poised to deliver a delightful blend of style, cultural vibes, and amusing memes.

Google Launches a New .ing Top-Level Domain for Unique Web Addresses
Users can now purchase these domains during an early access period, albeit at an extra one-time cost, which will gradually decrease each day until December 5. After the official launch, no additional fees will apply.

Rudy Willingham, an artist with a penchant for printable stickers that bring memes to life, is offering as a creative outlet for meme enthusiasts.

For brands seeking to tap into the meme culture, offers expert advice on meme-based media plans and content strategies. Their track record includes collaborations with major global companies.

Of course, the .meme domain wouldn't be complete without a nod to iconic cat memes. Grumpy Cat, the legendary sour-faced feline, now resides at, while Keyboard Cat, a pioneer of cat memes, can be enjoyed at Nyan Cat, with its rainbow-trailing antics, finds its digital home at

Since December 5, .meme domains are publicly available at a base annual price through various registrars.