Google has unveiled its list of the best Chrome extensions of 2023, showcasing a variety of tools that cater to productivity, online shopping, accessibility, and more.

For Productivity:

  1. Scribe: This service aids in the creation of step-by-step guides for workflows.
  2. DeepL Translate: A popular translator that works on both text you read and text you type.
  3. QuillBot: Checks grammar and helps improve messages.
  4. Sider: A sidebar featuring ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude for generative AI tools.
  5. Teal: A job search service that tracks companies and vacancies in one place.
Google Play’s Best Apps and Games of 2023 Announced
These awards highlight the innovation and quality of apps and games in the Google Play ecosystem, showcasing the dynamic landscape of mobile technology and its impact on users worldwide.

For Meetings:

  1. Transkriptor: Automatically transcribes audio into text in over 100 languages.

For Browser Customization:

  1. Bonjourr: Helps create a clean, distraction-free homepage.

For Accessibility:

  1. Speechify: A text-to-speech extension that reads articles, emails, and PDFs in various natural voices and accents, including celebrity voices.
  2. Equalizer: Offers fine-tuned audio controls for enhanced sound quality during online content consumption.
Google Releases Its Top Searches of 2023
Google has unveiled its annual compilation of the most searched-for topics of the year. The search engine giant has published rankings of search queries for various categories, including games, movies, and TV series.

For Gaming:

  1. Boxel 3D: A platformer puzzle game that encourages creative thinking.
  2. BTRoblox: Enhances the Roblox game's website with additional features.

For Price Comparison:

  1. Coupert: An aggregator for coupons and cashback deals.

All 12 extensions are accessible in a dedicated collection, allowing users to explore and install them. These extensions offer a wide range of functionalities, from enhancing productivity to improving accessibility and entertainment.