The highly anticipated Arc browser, known for its innovative approach to web browsing, is now making its way to Windows. Developers behind Arc have initiated beta testing for the Windows version, which has garnered significant interest with over 500,000 applications for early access.

To join the ranks of the first Arc users on Windows, interested individuals can fill out a form on the company's website and answer a few questions. The development team has promised to gradually increase the number of beta testers in the coming months.

Arc initially made its full debut on macOS and iOS back in July, quickly gaining recognition as a strong contender to Google Chrome. TIME even recognized it as one of the year's top inventions. What sets Arc apart is its holistic approach to web browsing.

Arc Web Browser Is Now Available to Everyone
In addition to web browsing, Arc offers a range of utilities, including note-taking, collaborative work on texts and illustrations with others, and the ability to customize website interfaces and fonts.

Arc not only allows users to view web pages but also provides a range of utilities for note-taking, collaborative text and illustration work with other users. All tabs within the application are neatly organized in a left vertical panel, offering customization options such as renaming, pinning, and sorting into folders.

While the company hasn't specified if the Windows version will have all the features of the Mac client, it is actively working on porting features like Peek (a webpage preview on hover) and Mini Arc. Therefore, some features may not be available immediately upon launch.

The Browser Company plans to continue onboarding beta users throughout this month and rapidly expand the rollout in January, aiming to accommodate the considerable demand from users and observers alike.