Google has introduced Vids, an innovative AI-driven application designed to enhance video creation within the Google Workspace ecosystem. Announced at the Google Cloud Next conference in Las Vegas, Vids is poised to transform how professionals engage with video production, offering intuitive tools that simplify the creation process through AI automation.

Vids allows users to generate videos by entering a descriptive prompt, after which the AI suggests a storyboard and script based on the input. This tool integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, enabling users to pull existing assets or use Google’s extensive library of stock materials to enrich their content. The platform supports real-time collaboration, mirroring the functionality found in Google Docs and Sheets.

The application's capabilities extend beyond mere assembly of video components. Vids employs Google's Gemini AI to draft videos, complete with voiceovers and suggested edits, thus reducing the complexity involved in traditional video production. Users can fine-tune their projects by adjusting sequences, adding transitions, and selecting music, making Vids a versatile tool for a wide range of corporate communications.

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Currently in closed beta testing, Vids is scheduled for a broader rollout to more users in June through Google Labs, and will eventually be available for customers with Gemini for Workspace subscriptions.