The innovative Arc Browser, previously exclusive to macOS and iOS users, has now launched on Windows, bringing its unique user interface and enhanced browsing experience to a broader audience. Developed by The Browser Company, Arc is known for its minimalist design, using a collapsible sidebar that merges bookmarks and vertical tabs into a seamless navigation experience.

The Windows version of Arc retains the core features that have captivated Mac users, including customizable web spaces, a command bar for streamlined browsing, and integrated audio and video controls. This release marks a significant step in The Browser Company's goal to create what it calls "the operating system for the internet," extending beyond traditional browser capabilities.

Notably, Arc for Windows is built on the Chromium framework, ensuring compatibility with all Chrome extensions and website compatibility. The developers have committed to releasing frequent updates to rapidly achieve feature parity with the Mac version. This approach includes phasing out less popular features while focusing on enhancing the browser's core functionalities.

Currently, Arc is available for download on Windows 11, with a Windows 10 version planned soon.

The Browser Company has also recently introduced the Arc Search app for iOS. This innovative browser offers a more grounded and realistic use of AI compared to other models like Microsoft's Copilot. It seamlessly integrates into the search experience, eliminating the need for a dedicated chatbot. It's more than just a chatbot with web access – it's an AI that builds web pages on demand.