Apple has recently announced an array of new accessibility features designed to enhance user interaction with its devices. Set to be announced later in the year, iOS 18 will introduce an eye-tracking capability that allows users to control their iPhone and iPad using only their eyes. This feature is designed to provide greater accessibility, particularly benefiting users with physical disabilities.

Apple’s WWDC 2024 Is Set for June 10-14
This year’s event, maintaining its recent tradition, will be held online, offering global access to developers and enthusiasts eager to see the latest advancements in Apple’s ecosystem.

This new eye-control technology, using the front-facing camera, enables users to navigate through apps, make selections, and scroll through pages effortlessly with just their gaze.

Alongside Eye Tracking, Apple is set to introduce Music Haptics and Vocal Shortcuts. Music Haptics will enable users who are deaf or hard of hearing to feel the music through tactile feedback from the iPhone's Taptic Engine, while Vocal Shortcuts will allow users to execute commands through custom voice prompts.

Apple Music Introduces Collaborative Playlists with iOS 17.3
As the name suggests, this feature lets you collaborate on playlists with others. You can invite friends to contribute tracks to a shared playlist, making it an excellent tool for planning the soundtrack to parties, road trips, or any group activity.

Another significant addition is Vehicle Motion Cues. This feature aims to minimize motion sickness by displaying animated dots that mimic the movement of the vehicle, providing a visual representation of motion to help reconcile the disparity between what users see and feel.

These updates will debut in the upcoming iOS 18, which will be officially unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10.