These theories are so ridiculous that it’s astonishing they even have followers. Did you know that 2% of the United States population believes that the Earth is flat and that members of the royal family are alien offspring? You didn’t? Neither did we. Sit down, relax, and enjoy being befuddled with us.

Flat as a board or how the adherents of the theory believe that our planet is lacking in curviness

We all know that the Earth is round. The nerd at the front school desk would say that our planet has the shape of an ellipsoid and it’d be true, too. But who cares, right? Some people genuinely believe that the Earth is a flat disk. All the images of Earth from outer space are definitely photoshopped. To whom is it a benefit? To the governments that make money on the space programs “financing” and the big space fairy tale that sells well. According to the sociological studies, more than 2% of the US population believes in the Flat Earth theory.

The main rule of the “V” Club (V is for Virginity) is not to have sex before marriage

One more insane but no less popular theory is called telegony. The adherents of this theory are firmly convinced that the woman’s offspring can inherit her first sexual partner’s genetic characteristics. It doesn’t really matter who the real pop is. Isn’t that bullshit. The school curriculum and biology teachers won’t let us lie: half of the kid’s chromosomes come from the mother, and the other half comes from the father. No other contributors needed. However, the telegony theory is a perfect excuse and a real gift for conservative parents and various religious movements.

T-Rex, you’re a fake! Thus speaketh creationism

Adherents of this theory reject Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Some sticklers with foam at the mouth are even trying to prove that the dinosaurs are fiction. Museum pieces such as dinosaur fossils, eggs, and skeletons are fiction, too. Listen up, y’all! Their undeniable airtight argument is: there is no mention of these giant reptiles I the Bible, therefore they didn’t exist. For the record, vegetables such as potatoes, cucumbers, and tomatoes, are not mentioned in the Bible either. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re from evil.

I’ve got aliens inside my head

Gigantic reptile-like aliens control the humans through the Moon and Saturn’s rings. The lizards take the shape of human beings and remain on the leading edge of the world. Sounds like some shitty second-rate movie plot, but this is precisely what a former British sportscaster David Icke preaches. Such famous personalities as Musk, Zuckerberg, the Rothschild, the Rockefeller, and the Royal families are all either aliens’ descendants mixed up with human beings, or aliens in the guise of people.