Seat heating, Wi-Fi connection, self-cleaning and smartphone-controlled system – these are the features of the new smart toilet bowl! Yes, now you can buy a smart toilet to make your home smart entirely.

It's not the first "gadget" of this kind that Chinese Xiomi company had created, and you must have already seen something similar in Japanese companies, but this innovation is truly excellent.

The toilet bowl has the traditional shape and size with a reserved sleek design. The heating has 3 speeds, and the user can set it from the smartphone or turn it on beforehand. So if you feel like your body is ready to reveal some brown mass, you can start warming up the surface of the smart toilet.

Besides, this smart novelty will also take care of hygiene as there is a built-in bidet tool which you can adjust. This innovative bowl can even take care of itself thanks to antibacterial ABS-plastic drain faucet and the self-cleaning function which uses water and stream. Actually, it can do all the dirty work; just make sure you've connected it to the Wi-Fi signal. By the way, if there are other Xiaomi Mi Home devices, you can sync them as well. You can already find it in Xiaomi product line.

Have cozy toilet sessions!