Smartphones are becoming extremely dangerous for easily distracted people. The first iPhone was released in 2007. That moment not only led to Apple’s sales growth but also increased the number of head injuries caused by people dropping iPhones on their faces.

The author of the study, a facial plastic surgeon Boris Paskhover from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, has collected data on injuries caused by cellphone from the moment the first mobile phone was released until today. According to the authors of the research, there were approximately 80,000 injuries in the United States alone.

Cell phone-related injuries fall into two roughly equal categories: direct mechanical injuries (for instance, if someone throws a mobile phone in the face or hits one of their siblings in the face with it) and injuries associated with the use of cell phones, for example, if someone stumbles on a sidewalk while scrolling Instagram feed.

Paskhover considers cell phone use-associated injuries to be the most serious. Most of them happen when people get distracted: when texting while driving or while looking at their phones. A massive number of injuries occurred because of the Pokémon Go viral hype app that considerably distracted people.

We believe that the results of the study are underestimated. If something this stupid happens to someone due to a smartphone, they are unlikely to admit to being such a fool who fell because of staring at the phone.