Earlier, we published a full list of the Oscar 2020 nominees. Somehow, there’s been a lot of hype surrounding this list on social media. Concerned people decided that there was no racial or gender diversity among the nominees: there were only male candidates for the Academy Award for the Best Director, and there was only one non-white actress, Cynthia Erivo, nominated for the Oscar statuette for the Best Actress. Twitter became flooded with posts claiming that the Oscars is too male and too white.

It must have been the devil’s prompting that caused the Master of Horror to comment on this situation:

Many commentators did not approve of King’s opinion and decided that one cannot understand the difficulties of women and people of color through the prism of a privileged position as a white European man.

And yet King found associates who considered that the writer’s words were clearly misunderstood and that he simply wanted to explain that films should be judged regardless of who created them.

The criticism of the celebrity did not stop, and Stephen decided to end the kerfuffle over this situation.

You know, “we always try and do good, but it always turns out to be entirely wrong” is precisely about the person this article is about. Even after this statement, commentators remained dissatisfied. This time, by the fact that King simply changed his mind to please the disgruntled.

Whose side are you on?