The developer of funny apps made a desktop program that features a goose. At first, it will amuse the person who installed it, but then it will become a real problem. This virtual prankster will not make you bored, but even if it suddenly does, you can always download another version with artificial goose intelligence.

On January 30, a talented programmer Sam Chiet who develops useless but hilarious computer programs, told on his twitter about the completion of his next project called Desktop Goose. This virtual companion is designed to brighten up workdays spent in front of a computer with his tricks.

The virtual feathered one likes to hunt for the mouse cursor and spanks it through all open tabs and shortcuts, leaving dirty traces. The goose can also send you a message and even play a computer game with you. It is better not to expect any benefit from such an assistant; it cannot be called harmless. As soon as you accidentally poke the walking goose with the mouse, it will turn into your worst enemy.

According to the developer, the computer game called Untitled Goose Game inspired him to create this spammer bird. In it, the player needs to get used to the role of the goose who loves to spoil the life of ordinary people.

You can see how the prankish goose arranges destruction on Sam's computer right here.

For streamers and YouTubers, Sam Chiet has a trickier and dodgier version of the goose with artificial intelligence that makes him eviler during the gameplay. To get such a goose AI, you need to write to the programmer on Twitter.

The first to install a feathered prankster on their computer experienced a sense of nostalgia.

It turned out that if you open Paint, the goose will begin to show you its art.

But you can surprise the goose as well. If you manage to circle it, the goose will be “arrested” and will not be able to leave its borders. However, not everyone can catch the goose. When you install it on your computer, you need to be ready for the fact that the fun can end very quickly.

A fellow desktop goose of the Untitled Goose Game is no less agile. Fans of the Resident Evil 2 game suspected that the annoying feathered creature settled in it, except that there he is calm and wears a hat.

Users around the world fell in love with new virtual goose, and Sasha Gray is among them. The popular actress has started streaming, and not only plating the Untitled Goose Game but also more complex games. She records her Assassin's Creed and The Witcher playthroughs.