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Chinese Gamers Are Being Saved from Coronavirus Using Porn Games

All avid gamers from China can now get a hentai game called Mirror on Steam absolutely for free. The authors of the game decided that this way, they would contribute to combating the spread of coronavirus.

“To avoid the nCov, it’s better to stay at home. So we decide to give away 45,000 copies of Mirror to keep you company. Please accept our gift and stay strong!” the developers say.

Interestingly, it’s not just another regular little game – Mirror is recognized as the best in its genre and has 97% of positive reviews.

Dinosaur Poop Butt Plug: Feel the Spirit of the Primitive Times

This art object was first presented in 2016 by Swedish artist Thomas Hämén. This work of art is actually a sculpture (coprolite) in the form of a butt plug made of fossilized dung of a dinosaur. Its whole essence of it is reflected in its name – an Asstral Travel. The dinosaur’s poop is 140 million years. The meaning of this thingy is the following: you can dig through the fossils and coprolites for years, you can also find out what dinosaurs ate and what they drank, but that’s all bullshit (no pun intended).

The true spirit of the times can only be felt with the help of this unique artifact – a butt plug made of feces of an ancient animal. According to the artist, only this way, one can deeply connect with ancient times and go on an “astral journey.” The sculpture has been wandering around the exhibitions for 4 years, and finally, Hämén is ready to sell the Asstral Travel. You can find out about the prices on the author’s Facebook page.

People on Twitter Think That the New “Italian” Emoji Means Fisting

At the beginning of this week, we were pleased with 117 new emojis. New emojis are all about gender inclusivity, but one particular famous gesture received the most hype. It’s a popular Italian gesture for “What do you mean?” Folks on Twitter dubbed it “fingers for fisting.”

A Buddhist Monk Who Is Also a Porn Star Can Help You Bury Your Sex Doll. Sounds Like a Plot of Some Trash Movie, but It’s Not – It’s Life as It Is (and of Course It Is Happening in Japan)

The creators of the sex dolls funeral service called Human Love Doll Company believe that sex dolls came into our world for love, which means that they should leave with love and honors as well, and don’t forget the funeral service. The Human Love Doll Company website offers three disposal options from $280 to $830. The company will hold a funeral service, take photos and videos, and leave a part of the doll’s body as a keepsake. All rituals are performed by Japanese porn actress Rei Kato, who calls herself a Buddhist monk. The girl believes that this is how you need to say goodbye to the doll that a person replaced family and relatives with. After the funeral, the doll is being sent off for processing.