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This time, we’re about to tell you about a pig that took the call to burn calories too literally, and about the Vulcan salute that is back in fashion. We will also look at the funny suffering of a girl who can’t touch her face and laugh at a dog impressionist with all our hearts.

A pig fitness cutie literally burnt calories and a bit of a farm

It all happened in the British county of North Yorkshire, more specifically, in the village of Bramham last Saturday. A caring farmer put small pedometers on pigs to show that those animals were not wild or feral, they were just free-range. Apparently, one of the pigs was very saddened by the results of her walk to the point that it decided to destroy these results and literally stress eat by eating its pedometer. This meal had hot consequences – there was a fire on the farm. That same damned pedometer that the pig defecated became the cause of the fire. According to the firefighters, the flame spread because copper from the pedometer’s batteries reacted with the pig’s excrement and dry bedding. Consequently, the fire spread over an area of 75 square meters. No animals were injured.

Star Trek Vulcan salutation can protect from coronavirus

Uncertain times have come – everyone fears handshakes, kisses on the cheeks, and hugs like the plague. And that is because all these friendly handshakes increase the risk of catching coronavirus. How do you show friendliness when you see someone now, then? Even the Queen of England trembles at the threat of coronavirus and wears gloves as she presents awards. Well, there’s an excellent alternative – think about the Vulcan salute. Even if you are not a fan of the Star Trek space odyssey, you probably have seen this friendly gesture.

This salute is accompanied by the words “Live long and prosper.” Actor George Tucker actively promotes the gesture on his Twitter and believes that the Vulcan salute will become a popular gesture of greeting and respect.

You can’t touch this

If you read our articles, you probably know everything about coronavirus. To reduce the risk of infection, wash your hands, and do not touch your face, we’ve already memorized it as a mantra. Yes, two main joys in life were taken away from us: dirty hands and rubbing our eyes, but we don’t despair! This annoying limitation inspired a girl to shoot a viral video in which she struggles not to touch her face.

Wash your hands and watch the video! It has already gained 7 million views.

Short legs got 4 million views: length doesn’t matter

Dusty and Tayto are two of the funniest dogs on the Internet. They even have their own TikTok account. Dustin got into the habit of copying baby Tayto’s gait, and he does it in such a funny way that you may laugh your heads off. The video brought the doggos all-galactic fame by getting more than 4 million views all over the Internet.

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Dustin’ the floors (sound on for Tayto bork)

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Just look at how gracefully Dusty crawls, glances at Tayto, makes sure his efforts are being noticed, and then crawls beautifully into the sunset. Hey, Leo DiCaprio, give us the Oscar award back!