Every week, our editorial team dugs up the funniest and the most ridiculous bits of news and prepares a compilation of life stories and situations, chucklesome videos, amusing texts, memes, and a variety of jokes and wisecracks to make you grin from ear to ear. Reading our selection of Weekly Fun stuff without a doubt equals having a whale of a time.

Bigfoot performs popular hits on saxophone – this is what quarantine has done to us

Forced self-isolation makes many people search for new ways of entertainment. Some incognito saxophonist who plays music in a suit of a Bigfoot began making covers long before the quarantine started, but now it is especially nice to look at his performances in a green forest. “Believe in yourself even when no one else does,” says the description of his YouTube Channel, and it incredibly accurately conveys the atmosphere of the Bigfoot’s art. There will always be an audience that appreciates your work.

The main mystery of the week: where did McGregor get so many dried bees?

A former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion decided to feast on bees while sunbathing. Judging by the facial expression of the martial artist, dried bees are not included in the top of his favorite dishes. Anyway, the video has a lot of mysteries: where did McGregor get so many bees from and who is he trying to intimidate with his meal?

Life hack for owners of a hyperactive puppy

For this life hack, you will need a few things: to watch the video several times to fully enjoy this funny scene, a dog leash, and an ordinary table for humans. Watch the video to see what to do next:

The feral cat attacked a ninja rat

The epic battle of the evil cat and a ninja rat took place in the Spanish city of Málaga. The cat was going to whack the rat, but the latter turned out to be an experienced karate warrior (to the cat’s extreme surprise). Both heroes of this story have no idea about how many views the video of their short battle has gained. By the way, you can add some.

In the US, a man with Wolverine claws lashed out at protestors

While protests accompanied by pogroms continue to rage in the USA, a new viral video about an angry driver with Wolverine claws appeared on the web. The grey-haired man ran out of his car and started threatening protestors with his claws. The tweet wisely notes that at the sight of a gray-haired Wolverine, demonstrators who protest against the police demanded to call the police.

A boy burst into tears of happiness after tasting McDonald’s food after the quarantine

What will you do first when all the lockdown restrictions are canceled, you are allowed to not wear a face mask and gloves, and people no longer look at someone who coughs as at the hell beast? For example, nine-year-old Singaporean Adam Bin Mohammad Irwan loves McDonald’s food very much, but quarantine deprived him of his favorite treats, so he would immediately run to McDonald’s.

Miracles happen not only in fairy tales, but if you sincerely and heartily want something. In this case, something simply cannot fail to happen. So the mother of the hero of our story finally bought the coveted food from a fast-food restaurant. Check out the boy’s reaction in the video:

There is a trend for fat children in china, and the phrase “fat kid” (胖小子) is praise to parents. Now, China itself is trying to fight this tradition, but Chinese grannies continue to feed their grandchildren.

Woman set up a feeder camera in the yard and posts pictures of funny birds every day

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Lisa. She moved from Germany to Michigan in the distant happy 2012 and discovered that there was a completely different flora in her new place of residence. Namely, the birds had an unimaginably bright and colorful plumage. Lisa wanted to share the joy with her whole family and decided to start taking pictures of local feathered friends.

But when Lisa tried to sneak up to the bird with the camera at the ready, it flew away with horror. So did other animals like squirrels, hamsters, and other inhabitants of Michigan. Then Lisa put a camera into the feeder, which allows you to capture animals in their most sincere state – while eating food.

The result exceeded all expectations, and a simple hobby turned into a full-fledged project with an appropriate website and accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

We can’t wait to share the funniest visitors of Lisa’s feeder with you.