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A squirrel ate a fermented pear and instantly became drunk

In the American city of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, a squirrel got drunk from fermented pears. The squirrel staggered, her gaze “glazed.” So as not to fall, the animal had to grab onto the bowl. But in the morning everything was fine. The squirrel came back and even got a hangover breakfast – corn and grains.

In Chicago, penguins walked on a football field

Penguins from the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which is closed to visitors due to the pandemic, took a walk on the soccer stadium of Soldier Field.

The penguins walked around the field, explored the locker rooms, and even scored a goal!

Since the aquarium is closed for quarantine, penguins are often taken out on various excursions to keep them fit.

To swear eternal love, you need to exchange SIM trays

Hollywood actor and director Casey Neistat showed off his replacement for wedding rings – SIM card trays. He said that he and his wife demonstrate their commitment to each other by exchanging SIM card trays.

Later, Neistat admitted that, in fact, his wife does not yet know about his amateur activities.