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Dutch pharmaceutical company created the most moving Christmas ad

How can a grandfather and an old rusty kettlebell bring a Christmas mood? The answer is in a new ad for a DocMorris mail-order pharmacy.

The plot focuses on an old man who wakes up early in the morning and decides that he wants to start doing sports. At first, everything is tough for him, but thanks to persistent training, he gets better and better – especially since he is constantly motivated by a photograph, which we will see at the end of the advertisement.

The neighbors are surprised, and his daughter comes to find out what is happening, but the old man persists in working out.

But in the end, we will find out why he trained so much and who was his motivation after all.

Santa Claus and his elf prevented car theft

Police officers from Riverside, California, USA, detained the criminals. The truth is, the detention turned out to be unusual, because the officers were dressed in Santa Claus and an elf.

In the run-up to the holidays in the United States, criminal activity usually increases, so the police send their squads to popular stores and near them.

The Riverside police performed an unusual detention on December 10. Cops were on duty outside a local store when they saw three thieves trying to steal a parked car. The response was immediate.

Santa and an elf detained two bandits. The third managed to escape, but the police clarified that they identified him, and therefore he will also be arrested soon.

New meme: Pop Cat – a cat that opens his mouth wide and makes a "pop" sound

Over the past month, a new meme, Pop Cat, has begun to gain popularity on the Internet. And it's versatile enough to fit thousands of different scenarios. The story of the meme is pretty common – it's a random joke that suddenly became popular on social media thanks to one viral post.

Later, the owner of the cat said that his cat's name is Oatmeal, and he decided to photoshop him a huge mouth when he filmed how the cat "hunts" for a beetle with a characteristic sound.

They made a GIF from the video, and then began to put completely different music on it: from the sounds of an electric guitar to "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

Pop Cat later moved into films where he drove everyone crazy with his "pop."