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Canadian taught his dog to bring beer and close the fridge

Mike Antonietti from Ontario taught his husky-German-shepherd-cross Warwick to go to the kitchen for a beer, and not just to bring a can of beer, but also to close the fridge. It took him three months – and it paid off. Apart from the obvious convenience, the dog helped the man to charm his future wife, to whom he demonstrated Warwick's skill on the very first date.

Wild animals shamelessly distract photographers from work

Spanish Twitter user Joaquim Campa created a thread with images of wild animals that interfere with photographers' work. Animals brazenly and shamelessly touch the lens, sit on a person's head, and sometimes try to take a photo themselves. It all looks adorable and funny. Such pictures remind us that people and nature are one.

Confusion of the month: A man who looks like Chuck Norris spotted in a photo of the Capitol riots

Photos of a man who looks like Chuck Norris and who attended the storming of the United States Capitol went viral on social media. The actor used his Twitter to announce it wasn't him. An image of Norris' doppelganger involved in the January 6 Capitol riots has been going viral on social media.

Norris later personally commented on rumors that he took part in the riot.