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Elon Musk created a song about NFTs and sells it as an NFT

Elon Musk decided to enter the actively developing market of digital art. He created a song about NFTs and sells it in the form of an NFT.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a new type of cryptocurrency that exists exclusively in its cryptosystem. Simply put, this is a special form of digital art ownership, secured by a unique token. The owner of this token becomes the sole owner of a certain digital object, be it a picture, GIF, video, tweet, or song, as in the case of Musk. Elon Musk could not leave this topic without attention.

The ominous words “computers never sleep” sound throughout the track. It is also accompanied by a looped spinning golden statuette with the inscription HODL (slang name for people who buy cryptocurrency and do not sell it), coins, and Doge (a reference to the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which Musk actively supports).

Later, Musk changed his mind and decided not to sell the song for now. He announced it in a tweet.

A Dutch inventor came up with a shouting booth for coronavirus testing

Dutchman Peter Van Wees has invented the "shouting booth," a new method of testing for COVID-19. He hopes his invention can be a potentially faster and easier method for detecting coronavirus infections.

The man decided to create his own alternative to unpleasant nasal swabs. He invites those who wish to go into the booth to sing or just shout there. During this time, the air purifier traps the emitted particles and checks if they contain COVID-19. The whole process takes about three minutes.

Van Wees set up his booth next to a testing center on the outskirts of Amsterdam to test his method on people who had just had swabs so he could compare the results. Those who have already gone to the testing booth note that this is a great way not only to find out if you have a disease (if the booth is proven successful), but also to express emotions and even meditate.