Tesla, an American manufacturer of electric vehicles, is now having unprecedented success, which clearly affects the value of its securities. Only a couple of weeks ago, Tesla stock price updated its maximum, but this did not stop the growth of its securities, and the next record was taken – the price reached $500.

As a result of trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange, on January 13, the value of Tesla shares reached $524.86 per one.

During the trading session, the manufacturer’s shares went up by an impressive 9.77%. Moreover, after the end of the leading trading session, stocks continued to go up, so there is a high probability of them to grow to $600.

Tesla's market capitalization now exceeds $94 billion, which is more than the capitalization of the automotive giants like Ford and General Motors put together.

By the way, the growth in Tesla's stock price looks even more impressive if you recall that in June 2019, they set an anti-record of $177.

The investors are optimistic primarily because of the high competitiveness of Tesla in the rapidly growing electric car market. Tesla shares rose sharply due to the start of production and the beginning of the Tesla Model 3 supply from Shanghai, which is the first Tesla factory outside the United States.

In fact, the factory was built and put into operation in record-breaking ten months.

The Gigafactory 3 line, where the Tesla Model 3 is assembled, already produces 3,000 cars per week. After the launch of the second line for the assembly of compact Model Y crossovers and reaching full capacity, the company will provide 250 thousand cars per year.

Now, Tesla is preparing to begin construction of the European Gigafactory 4 factory in Berlin with a planned production capacity of 500 thousand vehicles per year, which is due to start operating in 2021.

For the whole of 2019, Tesla sold 367,500 cars, which is significantly more than over the past two years.