Not all pleasant things are intended to bring you to the grave ahead of time. Some, on the contrary, will help you stay in this world a little longer. Here are five of them.

1. Drinking wine (+4 years)

Wine contains polyphenolic compounds – you can safely use this phrase as an excuse for an unscheduled feast. Polyphenols normalize metabolism and fight free radicals (not those you saw on TV, but those that lead to aging). Putting the terminology aside, we have a moderately joyful conclusion: half a glass of wine a day will extend your life by four years. Unfortunately, this does not mean at all that two bottles a day will make you immortal.

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2. Playing golf (+5 years)

On an 18-hole golf course, you typically walk up to 6 kilometers per game. So by waving a club and wandering through the fields, you can make yourself an extra 5 years.

3. Getting rid of fat (+7 years)

We are happy to give you additional motivation: if your body mass index exceeds 30 at 40, your life expectancy is reduced by seven years. And, accordingly, vice versa.

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4. Laughing (+8 years)

A good laugh (not the forced giggle you use to try to charm your boss, but a quality belly laugh) lowers the cortisone level. If you didn’t know this already, cortisone is a stress hormone and the cause of your premature death. It is recommended to giggle for about fifteen minutes a day.

5. Making love (+2 years)

If you cannot decide between strict celibacy and normal sex life, modern science gives you a hint: regular orgasms relieve stress (they have no conclusions regarding irregular ones, apparently). The extra two years that these moments of delight will give you can also be used for making love. Or whatever you do better.