What relationship awaits you in the company of this young lady? A daily gentle rain of rose petals and homemade meals? Or a Prozac and sedatives cocktail accompanied by a psychoanalyst's lullaby?

It is easier to predict the real character of a girl not by her words, eyes or purse, but by her past. The most innocent general facts from the standard biography of a pretty girl can suddenly sprout into extremely unpleasant thorns. And you must admit, it would be nice to be ready and fully armed if you suspected something of this kind from the very beginning.

1. She is the daughter of a real rich man

A child from a wealthy family may have a complex that others want to date her solely because of money. Usually, this complex is expressed in the desire to push their chosen one around with all sorts of whims, sometimes even too extravagant. Moreover, if you humbly endure these antics, the girl will assert herself in her suspicions: "How can you love me like that? It's all about the money, then."

If you start to explode emotionally in response, slam the door and send some screeching wolverines to hell, then even more so: "If he really loved me, he would forgive me." In general, this case is intense, bright, thrilling, and addictive, but completely hopeless.


Having free access to various material benefits since childhood, a person from a very wealthy family often values the intangible more than anything. In fact, such people adapt to the lack of money and comfort more easily and effortlessly than those who grew up with less money.

2. She is the only child in her family

The only child in the family is not accustomed to living surrounded by peers. She only communicates closely with her parents and lives with the thought that her close people are almighty giants of spirit and flesh who, although sometimes swear and stamp their feet, still love her very much and will do everything to make her happy.

Therefore, she most often expects the same from her husband and boyfriend – condescension, unconditional love, and maximum reliability. It is very difficult for such girls to perceive the ideas of equality and partnership. She is not going to become your business partner – she gave herself to you so that you would take care of her, pamper her, and forgive her.


Not having faced with competition in childhood, the girl grew up to be a non-jealous person since she is absolutely sure that she is the one and only. Therefore (unless some scumbag before you managed to deprive the young lady of her illusions), she will be blind and deaf to all easily explained everyday trifles like someone else's hair in your car and nervous female voices in your phone for as long as possible.

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3. She comes from a religious family

Well, or simply brought up in conditions as close as possible to prison. This happens to children of psychotic or schizoid mothers, who subconsciously view the child as part of their own personality and control their every move. The result may look extremely unexpected: after losing all faith in the stork that delivers babies, the girl may experience overcompensation and, accordingly, absolute sexual promiscuity.

At the same time, the feeling of guilt will still lie as an inconspicuous load in her backpack and fall out into the light of day at the most inopportune moments. For example, when you're watching a Cup final, and you're not quite ready for some small talk about whether you think of her as a dirty woman.


Such a pleasant quality as an unwillingness to closely communicate with their mothers in the future usually distinguishes girls raised by Savonarola mothers. So the old lady's visits to your home will be extremely rare and delightfully short.

4. She was the prettiest girl in school

Being a teen, everyone feels ugly and has complexes. And if the girl nevertheless managed to present herself as the prettiest girl of the school, this speaks not so much of beauty as of an unusually developed child's egocentrism and maximalism. Many girls at the age of 12-15 are very pretty, but only a few can dress, make up and behave in such a way that their peers would unquestioningly recognize their superiority.

However, by college time, the balance of power somewhat changes: by this moment, most young ladies get rid of clumsiness, acne, and shyness, creating a powerful and unusual competition for school beauty.

Therefore, now the girl is often in a state of resentment against the unjust universe. In another quarter of a century, she will conclude that everything happens for the best in this best of worlds. In the meantime, she soothes her offended pride by turning the man next to her into a personal poison spitter and a simulator for quiet resentments and loud scenes.


Having survived the tragedy of elusive beauty by the age of twenty, the young lady receives a powerful inoculation for the rest of her life. She will soon suffer, cry, and freak out much less than the other ladies once they notice a gray hair or a wrinkle near their eyebrow in the mirror.

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5. She is the daughter of a woman who raised a large family

Contrary to conventional wisdom about the trajectory of falling apples from an apple tree, girls from large families are not so often eager to have the same life as their mother. They remember quite well what it is like to wage an endless struggle for survival, fighting with cheeky sisters and brothers for a free nipple, new jeans, and for whose turn it is not to wash the dishes today.

Needless to say, the young lady will inevitably practice her skills acquired in such a tough evolutionary race on you. And it hurts to fight back if you suddenly encroach on her personal space, opinion, or sex life, daring to darken your happiness with the disgusting shadow of cheating. In this case, your chances of getting an educational pillow in your face on a regular basis are unusually high.


There is no need to fear that an infantile creature that cannot survive without you will end up in your arms. No matter how naive, quivering and airy she may be, believe us: a person who has lived for the first eighteen years in conditions as close as possible to the barracks knows how to hold on to life with their teeth.

6. She was an ugly duckling

It is up to you to judge whether she has now turned into a beautiful swan. But if the whole school was laughing when she came to class with lipstick on for the first time in her life, her parents were slightly embarrassed to show her photographs to relatives, and her father constantly told a fairy tale at night that beauty wasn't the most important thing in life, there is a possibility that the girl will rush to catch up once she grows up.


The former ugly duckling differs from all the others in that she does not really need cheating as such. She needs them much less than, for example, women in whom sex with strangers provokes such a release of hormones that the legitimate husband can only give up and crawl to get divorced. If a girl manages to cope with the remnants of an inferiority complex, she may well be able to remain faithful to one partner.

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7. She was an outgoing girl

The degree of her sociability is expressed in such a number of sexual partners that would be enough to conquer a small Asian country with little blood. As a modern person who is devoid of hypocrisy, you definitely stand for the fact that girls have the right to develop their sensory experience in every possible way. On the other hand, you tense up for some reason when her smartphone is suddenly out of range, even if she only went to the bakery for only five minutes.


Mathematics is still on your side! She didn't have a regular partner because she was constantly changing them? This means that she almost certainly had sex less often than even those well-behaved young ladies who had only one partner before you, but he was at their fingertips around the clock for many years.

8. She was a straight-A student

There is a chance that the girl belongs to a very rare (unfortunately) type of people gifted with both ingenuity and curiosity. But it may very well be that you are dealing with a girl whose main and only purpose of existence is to please her parents and teachers. There is a risk that in relationships, she will become guided by imposed cliches and overreact when something does not conform to stereotypes. Turning a romantic date into an extremely boring thing is a difficult task, but a real straight-A student will cope with it.


But you will never be tormented by the eternal male question: is she OK or what? A straight-A student is Miss normality, predictability, and a healthy norm.