Scientists have found what posts on social media can say about a person's love life.

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts decided to keep up with the times and conducted a study, the results of which will be of interest to everyone who has a social media account (that is, literally to everyone). They found out that the posts on social media speak of users' sex life.

Let's pay tribute to the researchers: they have worked extremely hard. To begin with, they analyzed social media profiles of 223 thousand users, and then the questionnaires about their sexual life, to which they answered as honestly as human nature allowed them.

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Then the scientists analyzed the obtained data. As it turned out, the majority (82% of the women and 60% of the men surveyed) who like to publish their selfies on social media are dissatisfied with their own sex life. Yes, it turns out that all the beautiful girls you follow and who post ten selfies a day are not necessarily happy about their personal lives. But we do not advise you to write in their comments: "I know everything about you."

But users who share photos of landscapes, on the contrary, are satisfied with their sex life. Even if there's not any. They are not worried about the lull in their love life because they are already fine by themselves. (Lucky them!)

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Fans of wise quotes are afraid of experiments in sex and prefer to do everything as quickly as possible and in an old-fashioned way. Those who love sharing photos and videos of cute cats, owls, and puppies are not only sexually active, but also hyperactive. As a rule, one partner is not enough for them, and they are in constant search of new sensations. People who talk about the success and achievements of their children perceive sex as a physical exercise: sometimes you don't want to, but it's good for your health.

We hope that if this information does not save your life, it will at least make you look at your friends on social networks differently. Also, we bet you will never post a wise quote on social media ever again.