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Cartoonist portrays the fear of the leaders of the top European teams after Ibrahimovic's return to the Swedish squad

Artist Omar Momani made a cartoon in which he showed how the leading national teams in Europe were afraid of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's return to Sweden's national team. With his picture on Instagram, the author reacted to the Milan star football player's return to the Swedish national team. The cartoonist portrayed Ibrahimovic as a Viking who scared Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Robert Lewandowski (Poland), Kylian Mbappé (France), and others.

An American dropped out of school and went to World War II. At 96, he received his honorary high school diploma

96-year-old American Raymond Schaefer received an honorary high school diploma 77 years after he dropped out of school to help his family, and then went to World War II.

The veteran confessed to his relatives that he regretted not finishing his studies. According to his friend Cynthia Bennett, he wanted to get a high school diploma, but called himself "too dumb."

Cynthia and other friends of the man found a school in Wisconsin that agreed to give him a diploma. His friends surprised Schafer. They invited him to the school supposedly to help, and inside he was greeted by teachers, schoolchildren, relatives and friends, an orchestra, and a festively decorated room.

The veteran was presented with a graduation cap and gown and given a diploma and a commemorative medallion honoring his alma mater, which he did not graduate from and which closed in 1959. The principal called Schaefer a "special community member" who served not only his homeland, but the whole world.