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The neural network humanized all popular emojis, and they turned out to be creepy

A group of enthusiastic designers ArtEveryDay came up with the #FleshEmoji art project. Their task was to see how the neural network would cope with making emojis look like humans. For this, the neural networks were fed with basic Unicode emojis. The outcome was expected to be fun and positive. But no! Humanization sometimes leads to inhuman results. By the way, their creators will sell them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

An amusing Easter egg found in Windows 95

God bless the enthusiasts who are not tired of bringing up the past! You created them for our comfort and surprise, and thank you for that. Especially for Twitter user Albacore (@thebookisclosed).

He posted a Windows 95 Easter egg here, and it's quite pretty. This Easter egg has been found in Internet Mail, the mail program that is the progenitor of Outlook Express. If you launch IM, enter the "Help" menu item, then select "About," then click on one of the files and print MORTIMER, a miracle will happen! A window will appear in which titles with the names of the developers will run. Like in a movie! The process and the result are filmed on video. See for yourself: