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A container ship "painted" a penis and buttocks, and then ran aground and caused a traffic jam in the Suez Canal

Ever Given, a container ship from Taiwan's Evergreen Marine Corp, ran aground in the Suez Canal.

But the route of the ship makes this fact even stranger. This is a relatively common story for the Suez Canal, which is shallow at this time of year. The Ever Given’s journey itself makes it unusual, because… Well, take a look for yourself.

The agency that controls the US Nuclear Forces scared users with a strange tweet

In normal times, almost nothing appears on Twitter of the department that could interest people far from the military news, exercises, and the life of military personnel. But on March 28, a cryptic tweet appeared there.

A cryptic tweet from the US Strategic Command
A cryptic tweet from the US Strategic Command

Here’s what theories users have come up with: