Today, on January 6, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko will participate in the Global Frontline Nurses Summit in Washington, D.C., as a special guest.

At the Summit, nurse whistleblowers will bring the truth about COVID-19. “We are risking it all because we care and the people deserve to know what's really going on,” reads the official website of the organization.

The mission of the Global Frontline Nurses is “To stand united in truth and solidarity. To fulfill our calling and to uphold our duty to do no harm. To advocate for ethically sound healthcare. To hold the lamp so that others may see our light and become empowered to stand for the same. We are nurses doing what is right and standing up for the truth.”

The press conference will take place after the Summit outside the Supreme Court at 10:30 AM.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is a board-certified family practitioner who has become known for claiming to have developed a drug regimen for treating coronavirus, which consists of zinc, hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin. Dr. Zelenko claimed that the combination of drugs ensured a 99% survival rate for his patients.

After Twitter has suspended Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's account, he created his own site with lifesaving information,, where everyone can find the latest updates of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's treatment protocol.

Also, in early December, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified physician from the New York state, who has proved the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, submitted a detailed report to the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security.