The Telegram messenger will present the so-called geochats in the coming days. This tool features the group conversations, which seize a certain territory radius. The evidence of it are the screenshots from the beta version of Telegram for iOS, published on the channel Telegram Info.

After the complete launch of the new tool, any user of the messenger will be able to create a geochat. To do this, a chat user needs to specify the topic of chat and the radius of geolocation (from 100 meters to 6 kilometres). The history of this chat will be available to all users, regardless of when they joined the conversation. Also, the number of participants in geochats is not limited.

User can find the sought for geochat quickly only if he stays in the geolocation zone. Since you’ve joined the chat, you get the unique tag that indicates your presence in the area. The analogous chats are also performed in other services and apps which are available to download in App Store or for Android to use on various gadgets.

Anyway, the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov stated to do his best to perform the advanced operating of his messenger, even if he has to keep on water and bread diet to stay productive.

Let’s remind that in Russia, Telegram has been banned for more than a year, but the blocking of the messenger had little impact on its performance and availability for users over there.