The development of 6G has been started, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China announced they are working on it. Even though we’ve just met the 5G, the team of experts focused on the 6th generation of the highest speed mobile Internet connection.

Vice Minister Wang Xi of the Ministry admitted that the route to the 6G connection is yet unclear and requires lots of efforts. The group of 37 specialists from academic institutions, hi-tech corporations, and telecommunications companies will have a long way of searching feasibility of 6G, before getting to users.

The debut of 5G raised hype in political circles of the USA; thus, the Huawei company got to the blacklist as it can potentially bring risks to the national security of the US.

Washington considers 5G a network which can support and make cyber spying more potent with the super-fast data transmission. Meanwhile, China deems progressive Internet as the crucial component of innovations, including pilotless vehicles or virtual reality techs. Although the majority of users globally uses 4G at the most. Chinese users had an opportunity to connect the 5G networks this month.

Let’s see how the wind blows!